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I (Megan) am a Bay Area local. I have loved dogs my entire life, and wanted one growing up more than anything. I was unable to accomplish this dream until recently in my adult life, and finally being able to call "my dog" over is absolutely wonderful. I have had roommates with dogs who I cared for over the years, as well as raising a pit bull puppy with a partner back in college.

My home has a large, fenced backyard, so all day access to the outside. Your fur baby will always at least have one friend to keep them company. On days when not enough running around happens in the backyard, we walk, hit our neighborhood dog park, venture to other dog parks, or explore dog-friendly hikes or dog beaches. 

Crates are available if your dog is crate trained for sleeping or eating.

I am certified in Therapeutic Reposturing (so if your dog has twisted a paw, I can help the healing process along). 

I look forward to meeting your best friend!

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